About Wardha

Wardha district is located along the western side of the Wardha-Vainganga valley in Maharashtra. The existing Wardha district was part of Nagpur district till 1862. It was separated for convenient administrative purposes, and Kawatha near Pulgaon was the district headquarters. In the year 1866, the district headquarters was shifted to Palakwadi village. Wardha District has three divisions and eight Talukas. The district is covered with the Satpura mountain range in the north whereas the western side is occupied by the valley of the Purna River. The plain plateau of the Nagpur district is on the eastern side, whereas the Wardha River flows from the boundaries of the north, west and south. The maximum temperature in the district reaches 46 degree Celsius whereas the minimum temperatures hit around 9.4 degree Celsius. The district is primarily agricultural, and among the major crops grown here are soyabean, cotton, jowar, wheat, pulses, groundnut, chana etc.